Top Frontiers(Key Features)

Accommodation Facilities

The hotel boasts of 67 rooms fully connected with satellite DSTV and private balconies overlooking famous people’s park and available recreational facilities within the hotel.

Conference And Board Room Facilities

Unmatched top notch Conferencing facilities for up to 600 people with high speed internet access and 24hr secured parking.

Outside Catering Facilities

We extend our services to persons in weddings, school functions, church functions and other important functions such as dignified final sent offs(funerals), retirements, anniversaries e.t.c. at a reasonable fee.


There are two restaurants and one bar facilities available for customers. In addition, the Kaluoki Tavern Square (which is always fitted with tents when need be) offer additional space for open air/theme nights or candle lit dinners.

Foods And Beverages

The hotel has two restaurants and one bar from where our customers are served with different varieties of Buffets, Foods, Snacks and Beverages. The Hotels’ combined cuisine includes a wide range of quality healthy delicacies that meet your dietary needs at pocket friendly prices. Our Chefs garnish unique combination of ala Carte dishes keenly restoring the native way of preparing them with a modern and inviting touch.

Landscape And Countryside

The Hotel is located beneath a beautiful hilly place that is perfect for tourist related activities such as camping, hiking safaris, ecotourism and cultural tourism, dance and music festivals among many more. Create time out of your busy schedule to visit the hotel and you will definitely appreciate the experience full of adventure.

Gardens And Surroundings

The gardens and surrounding are well cared for and kept neat all through creating an ideal environment for our customers to relax, refresh and take snapshots. As you enter the main gate, the iconic wavy flower beds will welcome you to a haven of peace and tranquility.

Our Packages

Conference Package

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Accommodation Package

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Hotel Catering Package

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Other Hotel Facilities

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Conference Package Rates

The following are our conference package rates:

S/No. Package type Includes:- Rates
1 HALF DAY CONFERENCE 1. 10.00 am Tea with snacks
2. Standard lunch with soft drink
3. Stationary set for participants
4. One bottle of mineral water
5. Conference Hall
6. Sweets
@ KES 2,200/- Per Person
2 FULL DAY CONFERENCE 1. 10.00 am Tea with snacks
2. 4.00 pm Tea with snacks
3. Standard lunch with soft drink
4. Stationary set for participants
5. 2 × 500 ml bottles of mineral water
6. Conference Hall
7. Sweets
@ KES 2,500/- Per Person
3 HALF BOARD 1. Accommodation
2. All Conference facilities
3. Breakfast
***No Dinner***
@ KES 5,000/- Per Person
4 FULL BOARD 1. Accommodation
2. All meals from breakfast to dinner
3. All Conference facilities
NB:- Accommodation outsourced need to get our rates.
@ KES 6,000/- Per Person

Accommodation Package Rates

The Hotel has Sixty Seven (67) En-suite rooms collectively made up of;

  • Fifty (50) Standard Rooms
  • Twelve (12) Superior Rooms
  • Five (5) Executive Rooms

All the rooms have En-suite Hot Shower and flat screen digital TV sets. They have ample working space for business travelers and offer the opportunity to have a view of the Hills surrounding Machakos Town – namely Kiima Kimwe, Iveti, Mua, Kyemutheke and Kyamwilu Hills.

The Superior Rooms have balconies that give the clients a serene aerial view of the proposed location of Machakos City and Machakos peoples’ park.
The Executive Rooms are tailor made to offer the required comfort to presidents of different institutions, directors of different companies, chairmen of commissions and other executives.

Room type
| Rates
Single :
Bed only
Single :
Bed & Breakfast
Double :
Bed only
Double :
Bed & Breakfast
Single :
Half Board
Single :
Full Board
Double :
Half board
Double :
Full board
1. STANDARD ROOMS 3,000 KES 3,500 KES 4,000 KES 5,000 KES 4,250 KES 4,900 KES 5,750 KES 6,400 KES
2. SUPERIOR ROOMS 3,500 KES 4,000 KES 4,500 KES 5,500 KES 4,750 KES 5,400 KES 6,250 KES 6,900 KES
3. EXECUTIVE ROOMS 4,500 KES 5,000 KES 4,500 KES 6,500 KES 5,750 KES 5,400 KES 7,250 KES 7,900 KES
NB: All Rates are in Kenyan Shilling Currency and are on a Daily bases Per Person. Accommodation for customers on conference is rated @ KES 2,000/- Per Person, Per Night (Bed Only).

Conference Rooms Rates

The Hotel has seven (7) conference halls/lounges and one (1) Executive board room. The maximum sitting capacities charges/rates of each are as shown below:

S/No. Hall/Lounge/Room Name Capacity Hire without meals(pay day) Hire with meals(pay day)*Negotiable
1. Kilimambogo Max. 350 pax @KES. 30, 000/- @KES. 10,000/- to KES 15,000/-
2. Thatha Max. 150 pax @KES. 20, 000/- @KES. 5,000/- to KES 10,000/-
3. Koma Max. 150 pax @KES. 20, 000/- @KES. 5,000/- to KES 10,000/-
4. Iluvya Max. 100 pax @KES. 10, 000/- @KES. 1,000/- to KES 3,000/-
5. Iveti Max. 15 pax @KES. 2, 000/- @KES. 500/- to KES 1,000/-
6. Kiima Kimwe Max. 80 pax @KES. 10, 000/- @KES. 1,000/- to KES 3,000/-
7. Mua Max. 15 pax @KES. 2, 000/- @KES. 500/- to KES 1,000/-
8. Maruba Executive Max. 20 pax @KES. 25,000/- @KES 5,000/-
NB: All the conference halls/lounges are well furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and are spacious enough for break away groups. This makes them ideal for workshops, seminars, meetings, new product launch and many more.